Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

About PLEA


What We Do

The following is a listing of just some of the duties and responsibilities of PLEA, its Board of Trustees, and its Member Representatives. Each of the items listed below represent a personal commitment of one or more of PLEA’s former and/or current personnel.

PLEA Representation:

PLEA has provided representation in over 9,600 individual official administrative investigations since 1976.  This is based upon a yearly average of 320 files as of 2014.  An equal number of administrative investigations were resolved informally.

  • Grievances -Many of the member requests for assistance involve contract or issues of fairness.
  • Criminal (PORAC/LDF – Legal Defense Fund)
  • Civil Service (Law Offices of Napier, Coury, & Baillie PC) – Generally a Rep is assigned to each of these cases.
  • AZPOST Hearings (Law Offices of Napier, Coury, & Baillie PC)
  • Industrial Injury Claim appeals and re-openers (through referrals from Napier, Coury, & Baillie PC)
  • Member Health and Welfare
  • Member Benefits – including Life and Off-duty Work Insurance options
  • Retirement issues before the City of Phoenix’s Local Pension Board


PLEA Representatives sit on a vast number of community and departmental committees.


  • Transfer Policy
  • Uniform
  • Body worn Cameras
  • Career Enhancement Point Committee
  • Driving Analysis Committee
  • Employee wellness/PTSD
  • Field Training Officer Committee
  • Firearms
  • Honors Board
  • Negotiations
  • Labor-Management
  • Tactical Review Committee
  • Vehicle Committee
  • Workplace Violence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Issues
  • Training Needs

City of Phoenix:

  • City of Phoenix Health Care Task Force
  • Incident Committee
  • Development Advisory Board
  • Block Watch Advisory Board
  • Neighborhood Watch Oversight Commission
  • City of Phoenix Pension Board
  • City of Phoenix Public Safety Advisory Committee

State of Arizona:

  • Industrial Commission
  • Deferred Compensation Board
  • Retirement Board


  • Political Action Committee Fund
  • Petition signing
  • Political fund raising events and rallies
  • Lobbyist through the Arizona Police Association, APA

Legislative Initiatives:

  • Deferred Retirement Option Program, DROP
  • To/From Work Worker’s Compensation Bill
  • Retiree’s 2% Hold Harmless Bill
  • Proposition 104-Separate funding for transit, freeing up $16 million in General Fund monies specifically for police hiring
  • Proposition 301-Dedicated public safety funding
  • Defeat of Proposition 487
  • Transportation 2000
  • New Bond Election
  • National Right to Carry Firearms Bill
  • Prohibited Possessor – Illegal alien
  • Retiree Health Care Bill
  • Police Officer Jury Exemption Bill
  • Police Officer Privacy Act (sealing your records)
  • Salary Continuance for officers on military deployments
  • Elimination of the City Residency Rule for Phoenix Police Officers
  • Republican National Committee –endorsements
  • Democratic National Committee – endorsements
  • National law enforcement legislation through the National Association of Police Organizations, NAPO
  • Crime Retaliatory Bill
  • Occupational Disease Bill – (police officers added)
  • Arizona Peace Officer Bill of Rights
  • Pension reform-Proposition 124, which was signed into law in 2016
  • Accidental Disability Retirement Repayment
  • Catastrophic Disability Retirement Bill
  • Health Insurance Portability Legislation
  • Court Service Process Bill (allows for civilians to serve papers freeing up peace officers)
  • Out-of State Redemption (public safety time transfer for lateral/prior service hires)
  • Worker’s Compensation Survivor’s Benefit
  • DUI Legislation – (Extreme DUI)
  • Craig Tiger Act (First Responder PTSD)


  • National Association of Police Organizations, NAPO – Executive Board Member
  • Arizona Police Association, APA – Executive Board Member
  • Assisted in the formation of a majority of Valley/State Police Associations
  • Citizens Offering Police Support, COPS
  • National Law Enforcement Memorial

Community Goodwill:

PLEA, through PLEA Charities, has assisted a number of community and law enforcement organizations through sponsorships, endowments, and donations.

  • Arizona Black Law Enforcement Employees, ABLE
  • Arizona Homicide Investigator’s Association
  • Arizona Narcotics Officers Association
  • Arizona Peace Officer’s Memorial
  • Arizona Special Olympics
  • Annual Back to School Event
  • City of Heroes Memorial
  • Kid’s Street Park
  • Missing in Arizona
  • National Black Police Officer’s Association
  • National Latino Peace Officer’s Association
  • Neighborhood Associations – Westwood/NAILEM
  • Parents of Murdered Children
  • Phoenix Police Cadet support
  • Phoenix Police Cadet Scholarship Fund
  • Police Officers’ Ball
  • PLEA Charities Fallen Officer Golf Tournament
  • Police Unity Tour
  • Shop With a Cop
  • Superhero September
  • Tuition Assistance for Police Survivors, TAPS, a non-line of duty death scholarship fund which is self-funded as of 2016.

PLEA Charities:

PLEA Charities was established in 2008 as our own in-house 501(c)(3) and has no affiliated administration costs, so 100% of donations go to a variety of causes.

The purpose of PLEA Charities is to provide charitable, financial, and educational assistance to law enforcement officers and their families. PLEA Charities also provides contributions to community groups and organizations supportive of public safety. In addition, PLEA Charities promotes the positive image of law enforcement officers and seeks to enhance the quality of life in our communities.

Contract Negotiations:

  • Bi-annual preparation and negotiation of the MOU
  • Negotiated a  2-year MOU for 2019-2021 with pay raises for Steps 9-13, additional ballistic vest reimbursement, and Patrol Rifle Operator stipends as well as improved officer rights.
  • Legal issues preparation and research
  • National Market assessment
  • Financial forecast seminars and data collection
  • Review of City of Phoenix financial actuarials
  • Oversight of existing contract for compliance


PLEA places enormous emphasis on training and education for our Representatives and members.

PLEA has sponsored, attended or provided training in the following areas:

  • Use of Force
  • Internal Affairs Investigations
  • Body Worn Cameras
  • Critical Incidents/Officer Involved Shootings
  • Racial Profiling / Biased Policing
  • Legal Issues in Law Enforcement
  • Employment Law
  • How to Negotiate a Contract
  • How to Run a Police/Fire Union
  • Forming a Police Association
  • AZ POST Subject Matter Expert, SME
  • Racial Profiling
  • Rights of Police Officers

Meet The Staff

  • Becky Maldonado – Office/Accounts Manger
  • Ashley Cervantes – Membership Services
  • Claudia Abril – Membership Services