Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLEA Charities

plea-charitiesThe purpose of PLEA Charities is to provide charitable, financial, and educational assistance to law enforcement officers and their families. PLEA Charities also provides contributions to community groups and organizations supportive of public safety. In addition, PLEA Charities promotes the positive image of law enforcement officers and seeks to enhance the quality of life in our communities.

  • Officers that are ill and injured are important to PLEA Charities.
  • Police families that carry the burden of an officer’s death or loss of income are important to PLEA Charities.
  • Investing in the education of police children and spouses is important to PLEA Charities.
  • Partnerships with and investments in community groups, families, and organizations are important to PLEA Charities.

PLEA Charities provides individuals and organizations a charitable venue to meet the needs of rank and file police officers and their families. In addition, PLEA Charities allows for compassionate contributions to be invested back into the communities, organizations, families, and individuals that law enforcement protects and serves.

This video provides some background information on what PLEA Charities is all about. 


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