Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Important Changes to FMLA Leave Reporting

City Employee Labor Groups, City HR, and Management from City departments were involved in a series of meetings that ran from August-September 2017 to formulate a new policy regarding sick leave brought on by the passage of Proposition 206.  This included a bank of “protected” sick leave hours coded as “BE” Time in eCHRIS and simplifying Family Medical Leave Act, FMLA, leave, including an option to choose whether to use FMLA leave from available sick or vacation banks whether the employee is caring for themselves or a qualifying family member.

On November 29, 2017, the City Council adopted recommendations from the citywide Sick Leave Work Group to implement changes to FMLA leave.

Please be advised that no changes have occurred with FMLA administration through FMLASource.  All current processes will continue to be administered as usual.  Please continue to follow your current call-in procedures.

CLICK HERE  to view a flyer containing important information regarding this new policy.

City HR plans to continue these meetings throughout 2018 to see if additional changes need to be made to the sick leave policy, as there were some unresolved issues related to the bank of “protected” sick leave hours.  PLEA will be involved in this process and keep you advised of any significant changes that occur.