Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Pre-Retirement Meeting Information

Nationwide and PLEA are going to start hosting informational presentations for those who are preparing to retire. We will host these meetings, here at the PLEA Office, the last Tuesday of every month beginning on July 31, 2018 at 1300 hours. If you are within the last year of your career, you should try to attend one of these presentations. Each presentation will be limited to 40 people due to room constraints so sign up early!

Nancy Chavez from Nationwide will cover topics related to:

  • Deadlines and final paycheck instructions
  • 401a and 457 plan limits and special catch
  • How the 457, 401a, and DROP plans work at retirement
  • PEHP (Post Employment Health Plan)
  • Penalties & Age Limits
  • Diversification

Nancy will also be available to answer any questions regarding items not specifically covered.

Please RSVP by clicking on this link.