Phoenix Law Enforcement Association


Every year, the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), of which PLEA is a member organization, hosts the annual TOP COPS awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., in concert with the activities of National Police Week. This ceremony, designed to honor the most heroic acts of the men and women of law enforcement from across the nation, is described by many as the Academy Awards of police work. The NAPO selection committee sifts through hundreds of submissions from around the nation, eventually narrowing the field to 10 finalists, as well as several honorable mentions. Over the years, Phoenix has been honored to have several of its officers receive the TOP COPS award, along with others who have been honorable mentions. The following Phoenix officers have received this prestigious accolade: Detective Tim Davis, 2004; Officer Matt Morgan, 2005; Officers Bruce Byron, Dolan Crawford and Steve Tatge, 2008; Officer Fabian Gonzalez, 2009; Detective Fabian Gonzalez, 2014 and Officer Mike Lin, 2015. To date, Detective Gonzalez is the only officer in the nation to have the distinction of being a two-time recipient of the TOP COPS award. PLEA extends congratulations to all of the officers on a job well done.

TOP COPS 2017: Officer Marc Valenzuela and Sergeant Steven Wong
TOP COPS 2016: Officer Phillip Akins Selected as a Top Cop
TOP COPS 2015: Officer Mike Lin Joins the Ranks of TOP COPS
TOP COPS 2014: Detective Fabian Gonzalez
TOP COPS 2012: Officer Nicholas Pittatsis and Officer James Spross
TOP COPS 2009: Officer Fabian Gonzalez 
TOP COPS 2008: Officer Bruce Byron, Officer Dolan Crawford and Officer Steve Tatge