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River Rock Dodge-Ball, New Expectations on Use of Force

The following article is lengthy. It profiles an actual police shooting event that occurred December of 2015.  What happens when those tasked with reviewing police use of force get it wrong?

Most officers will go an entire career …

Conversion Case Update

On February 12, 2018, the Honorable Judge Sherry K. Stephens issued an under advisement ruling in the Jacobs et al. v. City of Phoenix case, commonly known as the vacation/sick leave conversion case filed in Superior Court in June 2014.

Update Sick/Vacation Leave Conversion Lawsuit

On Tuesday February 6, 2018, PLEA and its attorneys were in Superior Court in front of the Honorable Judge Sherry Stephens for oral arguments on the case of Jacobs v. City of Phoenix better known to most as the sick/vacation …

Motor Re-Bid on Hold

PLEA received word from Police management that they are taking their foot off the accelerator with regard to the previously accelerated motor re-bid process which has been put on hold till further notice.  We have been told management still plans …

Detectives Still Feeling the Squeeze

Recent statistics obtained from the Phoenix PD Property Crimes Bureau show that detectives are definitely continuing to experience the stresses of an increased workload brought on by an understaffed police department.  Year end totals for the Property Crimes Bureau show:

Motor Re-Bid

The Department has announced an accelerated schedule to re-bid the Patrol Motors back into the Traffic Bureau.  PLEA has heard that e-mails are circulating claiming PLEA bought off on and agreed to the current re-bid proposal.  


Update: Phoenix Police Commander Resigns AZPOST Position

PLEA previously reported on a situation involving Phoenix Police Commander Paula Veach being appointed to a seat on the AZPOST Board.  The position she was briefly appointed to is reserved for a member of the public. 

The real culprits in …

Important Changes to FMLA Leave Reporting

City Employee Labor Groups, City HR, and Management from City departments were involved in a series of meetings that ran from August-September 2017 to formulate a new policy regarding sick leave brought on by the passage of Proposition 206.  This …